The Industry Promotion Fund provides a way for CLLA members to give an additional contribution to the League for the purpose of League Marketing and Industry Promotion.

The Industry Promotion (IP) Fund was created as a way of increasing the available revenue for the purpose of reestablishing the CLLA brand in the marketplace without increasing membership dues. Funded entirely by voluntary donations, the CLLA IP Fund will be used to promote the CLLA in a variety of ways. This is an additional way for members to support the League and its endeavors now and after the dues renewal season has passed. The IP fund creates a financial reservoir that allows the League to underwrite worthy projects in the marketing and industry promotion arena without the need for additional fundraising. The Marketing Committee will make recommendations on a variety of programs and projects that benefit our members and increase the overall visibility and viability of the League. Final approval for spending will be determined in-conjunction with the CLLA Leadership.

You Can Contribute

Click here if you would like to contribute to the Industry Promotion Fund.