Monday, June 18, 2018
Mulvaney Taps Ex-FTC Consumer Chief to Oversee CFPB Rulemaking »
Mick Mulvaney, acting Director of the CFPB has appointed Thomas Pahl to oversee the regulatory efforts of the Bureau, including the Division of Research, Markets & Regulation, as well as the Associate and Assistant Director.

At the time of appointment, Pahl had been leading the consumer protection issues at the Federal Trade Commission, but Pahl is also a former CFPB official and previously worked on the Bureau’s efforts to update rules for debt collection under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Mulvaney has previously indicated that debt collection is one area where the CFPB could move forward with rulemaking.One area of particular interest, especially in light of Pahl’s appointment, is whether lawyers should be covered under the FDCPA.The CFPB has targeted several law firms for improper debt collection practices.In December, Pahl was quoted for stating that the FDCPA should not cover attorneys; state legislation and bar rules should be sufficient to protect consumers from abuses by attorneys.