The CLLA Maintains Seven Standing National Committees.

  • Certification – The Certification Committee administers the Commercial Collection Agency Program and objectively reviews the findings of the outside auditor.
  • Education – The Education Committee’s mandate is to identify topics and procure speakers for the National convention. This Committee also approves all Education programs for regional events.
  • Finance – The Finance Committee prepares the budget, oversees finances, and provides recommendations to the Board of Governors.
  • Government Affairs – The Government Affairs Committee takes charge of lobbying efforts, policy recommendations, and amicus briefs.
  • Marketing – The Marketing Committee’s mandate is to find, vet, and implement opportunities to promote and market the CLLA’s value propositions to the business community.
  • Meetings – The Meetings Committee’s mandate is to coordinate with the Executive Vice President regarding site selection recommendations to the Board of Governors, to coordinate with the Executive Vice President ensure that meetings programming is scheduled properly and networking events are valuable, and to review materials and brochures for meetings.
  • Membership – The Membership Committee’s mandate is to grow the membership of the CLLA.