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Update: The Bankruptcy Judgeship Act

Thursday, October 26, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Amy Tieperman
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Update: The Bankruptcy Judgeship Act

In the Senate


          As previously advised, On October 19, 2017 Senator McConnell made a Motion for Cloture to concur in the amendment by the House to H.R. 2266, after amending the effective date by five days.  Pursuant to the Cloture Motion the Senate debated on October 23rd and 24th as to the amendment by the House regarding disaster relief. 


          All but a handful agreed that the additional sums for disaster relief were necessary to aide California, Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico.  Senator Rand raised a point of order pursuant to the Congressional Budget Act and requested that in lieu of borrowing for the additional aide, 1% should be cut from the budget to offset the additional aide either across the board or from areas of the budget that were less of a priority. 


          A vote was taken as to the point of order and by a three-fifths vote the point of order failed.  A roll call vote was then taken as to H.R. 2266 with the amendment of the House, and was passed by a vote of 82 yeas and 17 nays.


          The Bill will now be engrossed, sent to the Speak of the House and the President Pro Temp for signature, and then sent for signature to the President.


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