The Lawrence P. King Award
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The Lawrence P. King Award for Excellence in Bankruptcy is given to recognize that lawyer, judge, teacher or legislator who exemplifies the best in scholarship, advocacy, judicial administration or legislative activities in the field of bankruptcy. The recipient exemplifies the standards set by Professor King during a lifetime of devotion to the practice and practitioners of bankruptcy. She or he has made a lasting contribution to the improvement of commerce and to the fair and ethical treatment of debtors, creditors and the public at large.


Previous Recipients of the King Award

Year Recipient
 2002                    Senator Elizabeth Warren
 2003  The Honorable Joe Lee
 2004  Professor David Epstein
 2005  The Honorable A. Thomas Small
 2006  George Treister
 2007  The Honorable Alexander Paskay
 2008  The Honorable Robert Ginsberg
 2009  The Honorable Eugene Wedoff
 2010  The Honorable Burton R. Lifland
 2011  The Honorable Judith K. Fitzgerald
 2012  Justice John Paul Stevens
 2013  Honorable A. Jay Cristol
 2014  Ronald Peterson
 2015  The Honorable Steven Rhodes
 2016  The Honorable Dennis Montali


Congratulations to the 2017 King Award Winner - Professor Nancy B. Rapoport


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