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North America's oldest creditors' rights organization

The Commercial Law League of America ("CLLA") is a respected organization of attorneys and other experts in credit and finance actively engaged in the field of commercial law, bankruptcy and insolvency. Since 1895, The CLLA has been associated with the representation of creditor interests, while at the same time seeking fair, equitable and efficient administration of bankruptcy cases for all parties in interest.

CLLA Core Purpose:

  • To be the leader in providing legal, educational and professional services to the business and credit communities

All in service to the credit industry

The Commercial Law League of America has been sincerely devoted to the service of its members since it was founded in 1895.

We are nearly 3,000 members strong and are seeking new and vital members each day. Our membership includes professionals from around the globe. As the leading professional organization of collections, creditors' rights and bankruptcy professionals, we are here to serve YOU. Our members consist of attorneys who concentrate their practice in the areas of commercial law, collections, Uniform Commercial Code bankruptcy and reorganization. In addition, over 330 of our individual members are employed by commercial collection agencies.

The CLLA is also a founding sponsor of the American Board of Certification (ABC), which is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the public and improving the quality of the bankruptcy and creditor's rights law bars. The ABC has certified nearly 3,000 attorneys in consumer and business bankruptcy and creditors rights law nationwide.

All CLLA members are subject to the CLLA Operative Guides and the CLLA Constitution. Members of CLLA's Commercial Collection Agency Section subscribe to the Code of Ethics and the Declaration of Fair Practices, and members of CLLA's Association of Law List Publishers Section are governed by the ALLP Code of Conduct.


The Commercial Law League of America, is the national association supporting and advocating for the interests of professionals practicing in commercial law. The Commercial Law League of America PAC (CLLA PAC) is important to our participation in the political process. The need for this participation becomes evident each time we consider the negative coverage elements of our industry receive through the media and on Capitol Hill.

Fortunately, throughout 2009, as in the past, several members of Congress stood with the Commercial Law League and listened to the concerns of our industry. The CLLA PAC sends a powerful message of unity on behalf of the commercial law community. There is strength in numbers and the PAC allows us to pool our resources and influence public policy. Political visibility and Congress' support for our profession will continue to be crucial as consumer groups and other special interest express their desires to reform aspects of the law that could be detrimental to your individual practices.

Our elected representatives place a high value on the participation of the Commercial Law League of America in advocacy. Please consider contributing to the PAC as part of your service to your profession and the League. By participating in the PAC you will join thousands of concerned commercial law professionals, in influencing the future of the industry.


  • CLLA PAC uses the funds raised to support candidates for the United States Senate and House of Representatives who help promote CLLA's legislative issues.
  • The CLLA PAC can only receive individual contributions (personal checks), or checks from business entities that are taxed as partnerships (e.g., law firms set up as a traditional partnership, an LLP, an LLC).
  • Contributions to the CLLA PAC are not deductible for state or federal income tax purposes.

A suggested contribution to the PAC is $1000.00; other amounts (either more or less), up to the federal limit of $5000.00 per person, will be gratefully accepted. You can quickly and securely contribute online; please click here to contribute.


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