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 Lawrence H. Butterfield


Advanced Collection Procedures
from an Agency Perspective

 Information Gathering
 Dissecting a Collection Call
A Systematic Approach

The webinar “A Systematic Approach to Collecting Money” is meant to educate novice collectors and refresh the strategies of seasoned collectors. Discussion topics include: Basic Assumptions, Dissection of a Collection Call, A Systems Approach, Managing Client’s Expectations, The 5 Step Continuum, and Utilizing Industry  Knowledge. Also a case study will be discussed showing how tactics are applied in order to collect in full, quickly. The information presented has been refined over a 40+ year collection career.

 For every hour (60 minutes) of each presentation, you will receive 1 credit hour of CLE credit. For more information on CLEs, you can visit your individual state bar web page or contact the CLLA's Director of Education, Kristen Dvorak at kdvorak@tso.net







Larry grew up in Rhode Island and Vermont. He’s a graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a BS in Education. During his tenure at University of Louisville, where he graduated with his M.Ed., he was an Education Development Professions Act scholar. He completed post graduate work at the University of Washington and Harvard Universities’ Business school. Upon graduation from U of L, he accepted a research associates job at the American Printing  House for the Blind, where he conducted research and published over 14 scholarly articles during his tenured employment.

He joined the staff of United Mercantile Agency in 1976 in Louisville and after 10 years with UMA he and Joe Williams formed Butterfield & Williams. In 1992 he started his own venture Butterfield & Associates and in Jan 2013 Butterfield & Associates was sold to Commercial Services Group. He continues to work at CSG, a nationwide commercial collections agency, as a Director. Additionally he is the President of Specialized Attorney Services, a full services process serving company that currently operates in 15 states. Memberships Include: CLLA, IACC, ACA, CCA of A, US Department of Commerce US. EU Safe Harbor organization.

Larry has served on over 45 non-profit boards mostly involved in either the Arts or Education. Presently he serves as President of his condo association and has held that role for the last 5 years. Most board assignments he has been involved with have dealt with fund raising or financial support of the organizations. He has personally raised millions of dollars for the organizations he has served.

He has more than 40 years experience in the art of collecting money. He is a constant lecturer and also serves as a consultant providing training and services for the collection industry. Through his experiences he has a gained a unique perspective on the collection process and today he will share that perspective with you.


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