Why Choose CLLA Certified?

Since 1975, CLLA has been certifying commercial collection agencies. Unlike other agency certifications that are automatically included with membership, CLLA/IACC certification is an additional voluntary process that requires agencies to earn the right to be recognized as industry experts. Meeting or exceeding the standard financial guidelines of this in-depth examination allows CLLA/IACC certified agencies to run their financials correctly from every aspect, which means doing business with them will provide you with the turnkey benefits you need to succeed:

  • Quality assurance
  • Full compliancy
  • Disaster recovery
  • Customer service
  • Experienced and specifically trained staff
  • Maintain positive relationships with your customers
  • Credibility within the collection industry
  • Higher standards of business practices

The CLLA certifies only those agencies that meet their rigorous certification requirements. These certified agencies distinguish themselves by displaying the certification seal.

In-Depth Certification Process: Agency Commitment that Benefits You
Only agencies that are committed to providing their clients with the best business standards possible make it through the IACC certification process.

Select a CLLA Certified Commercial Collection Agency to guarantee that:

  • A third party has performed a detailed audit to ensure that the program’s standard operational guidelines have been met or exceeded
  • The agency must renew their certification annually to ensure that certification requirements are always implemented. This includes an independent CPA examination of selected procedures to ensure compliance
  • The agency must attend educational courses on an ongoing bases to earn required Continuing Education Credits in order to maintain their certification, ensuring your agency knows the latest in collection law and other important market information

The CLLA Certification Program is endorsed by the IACC. To learn more, about IACC, visit their website.