Important Coronavirus Legislative Update from Timothy Wan, CLLA President

The CLLA hopes you, your loved ones, and co-workers, are safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.

The CLLA has been monitoring and opposing all proposed legislation to make sure that small businesses, which include many of our members, are not financially ruined by legislation with unintended consequences.  We have charged our lobbyist to spread our message to Capitol Hill. We have also been in constant communication with National Creditors Bar Association, Commercial Collection Agencies of America, and International Association of Commercial Collectors, in order to coordinate our efforts to oppose the legislation.

The “CARES Act”, S.3548, is silent with regard to debt collection as a whole. It does create limitations on foreclosures, credit reporting, evictions, and governmental student loans. However, there are bills circulating in Congress, such as H.R. 6370, and S.3565, which attempt to put a total moratorium on debt collection, regardless of whether the customer has the ability to pay, or even has been impacted by any national emergency.

On March 20, 2020, the CLLA took action to protect our members and sent a letter to the President and Congressional leaders advocating for our members, with regard to H.R. 6370. Currently, the Board of Governors is working on proposing common sense legislation with regard to S.3565, that is compassionate, but protects the credit industry.  We hope to circulate this legislation next week.  We encourage you to also take action by writing to your legislators to help ensure that our members are able to continue their business operations, and reach out to your contacts, clients, and business relations to help spread this message.

If you need help, please reach out to anyone on the Board of Governors or our Executive Vice President. We are here for you and we care.  A link to the Department of Labor’s March 24th Q&A can be found here: (Note that the DOL is announcing that the new law goes into effect April 1, not April 2.)We will also be trying to put some information together for those of you who need help obtaining a SBA loan.

You are not alone.  We’ve got your back and we’re going to see this through together.  Keep in touch with us, follow us on social media.


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