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Why Commercial Collection Agencies Should Become Certified: The Benefits of Certification

Since 1975, CLLA’s Commercial Collection Agency Certification program demonstrates that certified agencies adhere to relevant regulations in the collection of commercial debt; use generally accepted accounting practices – and adhere to standards to protect and safeguard their clients’ funds. This program is endorsed by the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC).

CLLA certification is an additional voluntary process that requires agencies to earn the right to be recognized as industry experts. Meeting or exceeding the standard financial guidelines of this in-depth examination allows CLLA certified commercial collection agencies to run their financials correctly from every aspect, which means doing business with them will provide you with the trust you need to succeed.

Certified agencies can use their rigorous application screening as a measure of excellence when presenting to the credit community. In both the National Association of Credit Management and Credit Research Foundation, CLLA certification has been the Cadillac of the industry for over 40 years. A majority of all Request for Proposals ask, “Are you certified by the CLLA and/or are you a member of the CLLA?”. They ask because it means something and to be pass the certified test demonstrates your agency is one of the elites. After 40 years, the CLLA Certification is proven, and has the backing of the Commercial Law League of America and the International Association of Commercial Collectors, offering you the things that matter most – Strength, Knowledge, and Trust.

Benefits of Certification

  • Accepted by Credit Grantors
    The number one question you want to know: “Is the CLLA Certification Program accepted by credit grantors?” The CLLA Certification Program has been in existence for more than 40 years and is accepted by the commercial credit granting industry – your customers.
  • A Fair, Objective, Cost-Effective Program
    The CLLA/IACC Certification Committee and an independent third-party auditors, CliftonLarsonAllen, will review your application. If your agency meets the requirements, you will be certified and will be issued a Certificate of Compliance.
  • A Way to Differentiate Your Agency from its Competitive Peers
    The program is fair and it is comprehensive. A comprehensive CLLA Certification Program is widely accepted by credit grantors; and, as a result, significantly sets your agency apart from its peers by showing your commitment to client and industry compliance requirements. Aligning your agency with a respected organization since 1895 provides additional credibility – at a time when the industry needs it most.
  • A Thorough, Respected Process
    The goal of the CLLA Commercial Collection Agency Certification Program is to demonstrate that certified agencies adhere to relevant regulations in the collection of commercial debt, that the agency is using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or other accepted accounting principles, and adheres to standards to protect and safeguard its clients’ funds.

The CLLA Program is endorsed by The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc.
To learn more, about IACC, please visit their website.

Learn More About The CLLA Certification Program

Become a CLLA Certified Agency Today!

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