The CLLA Bankruptcy Section

The Bankruptcy Section (BKS) was founded to promote excellence in the practice of bankruptcy and insolvency law. Its members are amongst the highest regarded bankruptcy attorneys in the United States.

BKS members have provided numerous Amicus Briefs and position papers as well as testified before Congressional committees on bankruptcy issues. BKS position papers have been recognized as one of the sole organizations committed to non-partisan commentary on the proposed changes to the Bankruptcy Code.

The Section co-sponsors the highly acclaimed “Current Developments in Hot and Emerging Areas in Bankruptcy” annually at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges (NCBJ).

The BKS has an Executive Council comprised of 15 members. The BKS Chair automatically matriculates to the CLLA Board of Governors upon the expiration of their term as Chair.



Position Papers

Venue Reform Workroom

Critical Issues List 2022
Bankruptcy Section for Commercial Law League of America

This paper contains recommendations from the Bankruptcy Section for the Commercial Law League of America for proposed legislative and regulatory actions. The proposals are not meant to be definitive positions, but rather are designed to identify issues and areas of concern for further development and appropriate legislative action.


Bankruptcy Section Chair

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