CLLA National Convention May 3, 2019

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Steve W. Sather,
Barron & Newburger, PC

What Bankruptcy and Collections Attorneys Need to Know Before Filing That Bankruptcy Proof of Claim
What you need to know before filing a proof of claim in a bankruptcy case and what to do if someone objects to your claim. Filing a proof of claim can be a mundane task. However, enterprising debtor’s lawyers are not only challenging sloppy claims to reduce the amount that their clients must pay but generating revenue by suing creditors whose claims don’t follow the rules. Learn the latest trends and how to respond. Link to Handout

Ellen Hirsch de Haan, J.D., Wetherington Hamilton PA

Avoiding Burnout and How To Deal With Difficult People
Whether you have worked for three years or for thirty years, some days are better than others. Over the years, it seems that people have gotten nastier; there has been an erosion of civility, an invasion of personal space. No one wants to wake up in the morning, and have to drag yourself out of bed because you dread going to work. And, there aren’t enough “dream jobs” to go around. How can you learn to stop worrying and love your job, feel creative and energetic, and renew the excitement you felt before disappointment and negativity hit you in the face? Link to Handout

Dale J. Golden, Esq.,
Golden Scaz Gagain, PLLC

What Do You Do, If You Get Sued for FDCPA?
If you are a commercial collection agency or attorney, what do you do when you are inevitably sued for an FDCPA violation? Hear from a creditor’s defense attorney who can explain the best practices to deal with these kind of complaints.
Link to Handout

Ron R. Peterson, Esq.,
Jenner & Block, LLP

Ron Peterson’s Annual Bankruptcy Case Law Update
Renowned speaker Ron Peterson provides his Annual Case Law Update from the Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeal. Link to Handout

Timothy Wan, Esq.,
Smith Carroad Levy Wan & Parikh, PC

How To Effectuate Culture Change in Your Office and Investing In Your Workforce
This session will provide tips via a real-life account on how you can increase revenue, volume of business, and employee morale, by shifting the culture of your company and achieving employee buy-in. Link to Handout

Peter Dubowsky, Esq.,
Dubowsky Law Office, Chtd.

Forum Selection Clauses
Where do you sue with a Forum Selection Clause?  Legal principals and strategies for attorneys and collection agencies to outsmart debtors.  Does the Clause say what you think it says? Can you ignore the Clause?  Can you shove it in the debtor’s face?  Can ignoring it or invoking it come back to bite you? Among other issues… Link to Handout

Lorna Walker,
Law Office of Sweet & Walker, PC;
Brad Lohner,
Priority Credit Management Corp., Edmonton, AL

Handling International Claims: From an Agency to an Attorney.
This panel will discuss the issues involved in handling international claims, including best practices for an agency and the different laws that may apply in litigating these claims. Link to Handout

Theodore J. Hamilton,
Wetherington Hamilton PA;
Jim Engelmann,
Commercial Partners Realty, Inc.

Buying Your Own Building: The Benefits and Pitfalls
This session will include an attorney and real estate broker who will cover in detail all aspects of purchasing your own building. Panelists will discuss the financial aspects of the transaction by reviewing real life examples of properties throughout the country. If you have ever thought of owning instead of leasing, this is the session for you. Link to Handout

Hon. Judge Catherine McEwen,
US Bankruptcy Court;
Chief Judge Laurel Isicoff,
US Bankruptcy Court

Interactive Group Analysis of Current Bankruptcy Issues and Case Law
Bankruptcy judges will lead the group in discussing hypothetical scenarios of relevant bankruptcy issues. Participants will be provided with materials and case law in advance and be encouraged to participate in the discussion. Topics will include avoidance issues. Link to Handout

Jeff Folkersen,

How’s Your Reputation? Dealing with Online Defamation and Reputation Repair
Your online reputation can impact far more than you may realize. Reputation impacts everything from onboarding new clients, to search engine rank position, to even how likely your email newsletters are to reach your clients and prospects as opposed to getting filtered as SPAM. This session reviews the three parts of reputation, getting reviews, managing good and bad reviews, and marketing your reputation. Be prepared to leave with immediate actionable strategies.
Link to Handout

Jay L. Welford,
Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, PC;
Reuel D. Ash,
Ulmer & Berne, LLP;
Deborah S. Rubin,
Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, PC

Basic Bankruptcy From F to C (Filing to Confirmation): For the Casual and Non-Bankruptcy Practitioner
An informative overview of the bankruptcy process geared towards those who have an interest in or occasionally representing clients in bankruptcy.
Link to Handout

Chief Judge Laurel Isicoff,
US Bankruptcy Court;
Gary Weiner,
Weiner Law Firm, PC;
Zach Shelomith,
Leiderman, Shelomith Alexander, et al;
Ed Boltz,
The Law Offices of John T. Orcutt, P.C.;
Lori Frank,
LJ Frank PC

Jeff Folkersen,

Driving New Client Traffic to Your Firm Through the Internet
A fast paced review of the fundamentals of online search and online promotion, ending with a blistering fast overview of the newest technologies disrupting the internet traffic industry. The finale is 10X strategy that makes sites with as few as 100 visitors a month profitable client earning sites. Be prepared to take notes, and be engaged as the session is not for those ready to turn their online brochure into a new client capture tool. Link to Handout

Donald Mausar,
Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA

The Expert’s Expert
A crash course on when to use an expert, how to use on expert, and why to use an expert. Link to Handout

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130th CLLA National Convention

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